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New Branch

Neighbourhood Watch ( Vecinos Cooperando ) recently opened a new branch at La Torre Golf Resort and thanks to the hard work of the local committee and members the inaugural meeting was attended by both the Mayor of Torre Pacheco and local Police Chief. Graham Knight, vice president of Neighbourhood Watch in Spain addressed the meeting setting out the aims of NHW and welcoming the new branch to the group in both Spanish and English which was appreciated by all.


Beware doorstep callers!

Well, we all know about the fraudulent 'Gas Man'.  Now, it seems, the latest version is the 'Water Man' fraud!   According to the Spanish press, AGAMED, the local water company, have detected "False technicians selling water filters".   The report states that AGAMED are warning the public against these fraudsters who pass as water board inspectors, in a manner very simliar to the 'fraudulent gas man', gain admission to residents homes (at their invitation) and, once inside, insist that they purchase some kind of 'mineral filter' which, according to AGAMED is "unecessary and expensive".

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